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6 Insider tips for Flawless Frizz Free Curls!

6 Insider tips for Flawless Frizz Free Curls! 

Growing up with a mother, sister and best friend with wild curly hair, I have a lifetime of first-hand knowledge of the challenges of curly hair. I started my career in a multi-ethnic hair salon so I could learn the ins and outs of all types of hair, and understanding curls is a passion. Here are a few of my favourite tips I've gathered over the years to tame frizz, sculpt curls, and encourage growth! 

1. Only shampoo once a week

I know it ha been pounded into mainstream culture that you should be washing daily! Lather, rinse,'s great for shampoo sales, but not for the hair! Shampooing daily strips your hair of it's natural oils that keep your hair moisturized and healthy. When you shampoo daily you are stripping those oils out! As a result, the scalp over produces oil to try and keep up with what you're stripping, and you are left with oily scalp and dry hair. Then you shampoo more to try and get rid of it. The cycle continues. Moisture is the key to great hair. After one month, your scalp will adjust to your new shampoo routine and normalize.  Please choose a sulphate free shampoo. It will not dry out your hair with unnecessary chemicals. 

2. Moisture is the key

Moisture, moisture, moisture!!! When your hair is frizzy, it is looking for moisture! The hair is dry and actually trying to get moisture from the air, which is why it is moving away from your head and getting bigger and bigger! When you wet your hair daily, add hair oil, a leave-in conditioner or a serum, you are giving the curls the sustenance they need! Although this is a daily step, because your hair is not thirsty, it will be softer, quenched and will be much easier to style.

"I am officially obsessed with this oil!!! It's the first one I've ever used that actually works on my hair and my daughters! It smells amazing and my hair feels so soft and rejuvenated without leaving it greasy. Thank you!" -Melissa M (Toronto)

3. Treat your curls! 

A by-weekly treatment is a must. This can include a conditioning mask, hair oil, and deep conditioner. In order to really get the most of this step, you will need a plastic cap. Do your weekly shampoo, and then a apple cider vinegar rinse (described in the next section). Remove some of the water from your hair with a t-shirt and coat with your treatment and oil of choice, concentrating on ends. Put on the plastic cap and let the hot water from your shower warm up the treatment. You can also use a dryer if you have one after you leave the shower. The heat will allow the cuticle of the hair to open like a little flap, and the treatment will penetrate more fully. Leave this on for a minimum of 20 minutes. When you rinse it off use cooler water. This will seal the moisture into your hair and create incredible shine. You can also book a deep treatment at the studio every few weeks for a relaxing hair rejuvenation and let me do all the work for you! 

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

One of my favourite hair tips is the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse! The brand I prefer is Braggs. Please use a non-filtered ACV, with the mother intact brand. It is very affordable and available at most health food stores. This is a step you would do every few weeks. Bring a 1/4 of a cup to 1/2 a cup into the shower, depending on the thickness of your hair. After your shampoo, tilt back your head and pour the ACV on your scalp and let it pour down your hair. The hear is wet and this will dilute the ACV. Make sure not to get it in your eyes! Ouch!! Keep head tilted back. Let this sit for a few minute and then rinse with water and do not shampoo out! Continue with your treatment or conditioner after this step.  This step will balance your scalp pH, clear build-up and clogged hair follicles, resolve dandruff, and strengthens hair roots to promote growth and create beautiful shine!  It really works wonders!!

5. Shape curls with fingers

Different curls and styles require various amounts of curl volume, but this step helps tame frizz. 
When your hair is sopping wet, use your favourite hair oil or leave-in and separate smaller tendrils and wrap around your finger in the natural direction the curl wants to form. Do this especially around your face. This will smooth the cuticle and define the curl. It helps for a more polished curl, and also reduces frizz dramatically! 

6. Don't Scrunch with a towel 

Please use a old t-shirt or micro fibre towel instead. Your shaping should be done on soaking hair, and at this step when you are removing the excess water, using a traditional towel to scrunch will immediately cause the hair to frizz. Remove the water with a shirt or allow it to air dry. It will be so much healthier! 

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Hope this helps you have the best and healthiest curls for years to come! And if you would like to try the Magic Hair and Scalp Oil I created after years of experience, or book a deep treatment, Please Click Here! 


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