Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blonde Bootcamp

Eva Therese Studios Top Tips on How to Maintain Healthy Hair While Being a Blonde! Here is your personal blonde treatment plan, from your hair personal trainer! 

Maintaining the health of blonde hair is never easy, and as one client wrote to me recently,

"My hair is reeeeaally dry now, with the blond and winter combo. I was wondering if you could put me on some kind of health treatment plan, like a personal trainer for hair." 

When going blonde, we are removing pigment, as apposed to adding as we do with colour. That said, adding back moisture and a small amount of protein is essential. When the hair shaft is full of moisture, it doesn't need to go out into the air to try and find it, this is what causes the frizz. As with all my recommendations, consistency is really key! Keep at it and you will have amazing results in no time! Here we go!

1. Deep Treatments and a good quality conditioner are your best friends! My absolute favourites are Smooth Sexy Hair conditioner by sexy hair and Wella Brilliance hair Mask for Course hair. 

Step by step process: Once per week

1. Apply hair oil to dry hair and coat ends, leave for about 20 min
2. Shampoo roots (not ends). Every two weeks shampoo with a purple shampoo. This will reduce any brassiness between salon visits, but is drying, so don't over-use!
3. Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (more about this in another blog) just rinse out, do not shampoo again.
4. remove excess water gently from hair with towel or old t-shirt
5. Apply heavy conditioner or mask preferably with a bit of Keratin (or other protein) and cover with plastic cap. Use under heat preferably, but regardless, leave on for 20 minutes,
6. Rinse out with cool water.

This will set the stage for hair that is hydrated and ready to style.

2. When styling, use heat as little as possible. So choose a style without heat (blog on this coming soon), or pick between blowdrying or using a hot tool like curling iron or flat iron. Make sure you use either a heat protecting spray or serum before you do anything with heat styling. This is a must.

3. Maintaining daily moisture is key. I only recommend shampooing once per week, two times max. Use a dry shampoo in between if you must. After a month, your hair will be more healthy and your ends less dry. Use a small amount of hair oil on your ends daily before bed to help prevent breakage.

4. Brushing your hair is also beneficial to move the healthy oils from roots to ends. My fave method is the inversion method. Flip head upside down between your knees and message roots with tiny amount of oil, and then brush from scalp to ends for 4 minutes a day. You will see improved scalp and hair health over time, which leads to less breakage and
increased growth.

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